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Succeeding in Mr. Walrath's Classes...

It's not really that difficult!


Lesson Introduction

The reason we have this lesson at the very beginning of the class is to insure that everyone has the skills and knowledge to succeed in Mr. Walrath's classes. Although the class focuses on Technology, you shouldn't think that you "can't" master the content. We present material in small chunks, allow you to use the new knowledge in real-world situations, and then build upon what you learned before.

However, that brings up an important point: if you fall behind or skip a lesson, you will find that lessons after that one become more and more confusing because you are missing some critical information.

One very important note about assignments and homework: Mr. Walrath lists assignments on the unit and lesson pages, and will place reminders on the whiteboard. Students are responsible for insuring that they write their assignments in their Agendas: it is NOT Mr. Walrath's responsibility to remind students to write their assignments down!

That said, if you follow the advice on this page, and are willing to commit at least 20 minutes per day (not per class day, but per day) to review, read, study, and take notes outside of class, you will succeed, and do so quite well.


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