Naples High school Astronomy Club

The Naples Middle/High School Astronomy Club is dedicated to exploring outer space and our own planet by using various astronomical tools including optical telescopes, radio telescopes, satellite observation platforms including the ISS, and other techniques available to us. Following the below links will introduce you to the techniques and practices we'll be using with those assets.

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Photos page

The page below will fill with photos from Naples High School Astronomy Club events and activities. Expect to see photos of our telescope nights and radio astronomy sessions beginning in September 2010.

On January 4th, Naples experienced a partial solar eclipse, with nearly 74% of the sun's disk blocked by the moon. Although the image is not too clear, the crescent of the sun's surface is easily discernable here. Student classes used pin-hole viewing techniques for safe viewing: a pinhole in a large thick sheet of paper projected an image of the eclipse on a second sheet of light-colored paper held behind the pinhole. January 4, 2011 Partial Solar eclipse.
Although this photo is really from one of my GTMO Telescope Nights, it's a good example of what you'll see visiting one of the Naples Telescope Nights. The observer is using a 10" dobsonian reflector telescope on an Al-El mount to observe Venus in crescent phase.

TelescopeNight in GMTO using 10" Dobbsonian reflector to observe Venus in crescent.