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GESM STEM Elective Class

This year, the "Robotics" class will expand a bit: we will continue working towards a competitive underwater ROV for competition in the MATE program; however, we will also look at other robotics projects including land-based and aerial systems. Additionally, if there is interest, part of the group will be able to study for possible licensure as an Amateur Radio Operator through the Philippine government's National Telecommunications Agency and PARA, the Philippine Amateur Radio Association.

What We Might Do

In addition to continuing our work on an underwater ROV that is tethered and is designed to complete a specific job, we will examine, design, and program autonomous ROVERs for land-based work, and will also examine, build, program, and test aerial vehicles for specific tasks.

Doing these three types of robots requires basic knowledge of electronics theory, computer programming, and the design process itself. If you don't have that knowledge already, don't worry-the class is being restructured to insure the requisite knowledge is embedded in the sessions.

In addition to the robotics design and construction itself, one area of learning will introduce students to electronic communication using RF (radio). Interested students (and parents and teachers) are welcome to use this introduction to lead to licensing as amateur radio operators, permitted to be control operators for our land-based and aerial robots that use RF control/telemetry.

Must See Video

We will watch this during Monday's session. It is such a critical video for our new team to see I will spend the valuable class time to watch and discuss.

Your Earth Is Blue: MATE ROV Competition

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary helps regional schools participate in the MATE ROV Competition. Check out our video to learn how building submersibles helps students get a leg up on the competition for complex jobs in marine industries from science and exploration to search and recovery -- plus, it's pretty fun! #EarthIsBlue

Posted by NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries on Friday, November 20, 2015



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