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Effective for the summer of 2018 (after 29 June 2018), the majority of this site will no longer be updated. Not that I'm out of education or teaching; however, my new school, Khartoum International Community School, has a very strong presence already, and as their Director of Educational Technology, I need to and want to support that initative. I will keep the index page and existing content available as long as there is a demand for it, as I know several of my colleagues do use this as a resource site. The domain and my email address will remain active, as my other email, in is focused more on my Hunting Hawk Specialties branding.

For IGCSE Computer Science students: the content is there for your new instructor to use, for units 1-3 (Year 1) and 4-5 (Year 2). Unit 6, according to the SOW is designed solely as a revision unit preparing you for the IGCSE exam.

I expect the home weather station (geographically located within 200 meters of GESM campus) will be functioning during my time in Khartoum, and the data will be visible below and linked off the Weather and Atmospheric Sciences page (in the common content navigation area).

Additionally, the weather data and my IRLP link will be active on RF and online. The weather data is transmitted on 144.39 (2 meter) with APRS (DU1ZXO-5). The IRLP link will be activated on an as-needed basis to allow me to check into local networks.


Temp at Hamilton Residences
Wind at Hamilton Residences Rain at Hamilton Residences